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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 10, 2009 4:30am-5:00am EST

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give me all your treasure! imagine what a little time can do for your family. ah, ha! take that! missed me! uhh! production. production. saying good-bye. the president he president salutes mourners at ht at ht food. and near miss. stumblinging off t stumblinging off the platform, and into the path of an oncoming train. >> it' .rain. >> it's news, november 10th, 2009. good morning. ning.ood morning. and thanks for being with us on
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this tuesday morning. states on the gulf states on the gulf coast, are being pounded by heavy rains and 50-mile-per- 0-mile-per-hour wind gusts, as tropical storm tropical storm ida comes ashore. >> i >> i do is moving slowly towards the north. the north. looding is expected to be the main main problem today. linsey davis linsey davis joins us from pensacola, pensacola, florida. >> reporter: until about an hour or so, or so, we had all the three suspects. suspects. ickingrain and surf. now, the wind is picking up again. es to take her sweet ida continues to take her sweet time in her approach to the gulf coast. landfall is expected in the next few hours. losing s losing steam and moving at a rowell, now, ida is still one, big, sloppy big, sloppy mess, as it moves in on the gulf co ofthe gulf coast. in advance of the storm, rain, lots of it. and high and high winds. fortunately ortunately neither the rain or
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winds were as great winds were as great as some anticipated. ida is currently packing near 60-mile-per-hour winds. from new orleans, louisiana, to panama city, florida, residents of the gulf coast, spent much of monday preparing. pulling boats into pulling boats into shelters. shuttering shuttering boats and windows. >> i >> i got the steam kicked out of me in th me in the last one. and i haven't and i haven't forgot it. >> reporter: >> reporter: some decided it was time to leave. >> no. specially tourists. >> no. and we'll come back in we're going to get out of here. and we'll come back in about a week when it's over. >> reporter: some took the storm in stride. even an excuse for a hurricane ers know but others know better. ida is expected to move east along the coas ringg the coast, and eventually inland, bringing three to eight inches of rain, and winds that can sheer trees and power lines. > we're reminded last year during tropical during tropical storm faye, that storm doesn't have to be a
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hurricane to be hurricane to be >> reporter: and life-threatening. >> reporter: and overnight, curfew was issued for part of the alabama coast. ida should make l ida should make lawful between now and 8:00 this morning. that is expected to head in a north-northe north-northeast direction. > linsey davis live in pensacola, florida today. two workers on a shaky oil rig in the rig in the gulf had to be air-lifted tr-lifted to safety. the coast guard came to their id. so far, it's still standing. about 30% of oil production in m.e gulf has been stopped because of the storm. and sam champion is also on hee gulf coast, tracking the updates he will have live updates later g at morning on "good morning america." ft. hood, now, to the shooting at ft. hood, texas. intelligence officials apparently knew months ago through electronic intercepts that suspected gunman, major hasan, hasan, wassing with watched by a
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recruiter. >> dia ft. hood with >> diana alvear is at ft. hood with the latest. good morning, diana. >> reporter: > reporter: vinita and jeremy, good morning. nificant day. it will be a significant day and a sad day in ft. hood's history. and it's and it's a day many are saying should never have had should never have had to happen. the parade field the parade field at ft. hood will soon be the setting for today's memorial service. there will be 2,000 seats with standing room for thousands other soldiers and invited aests. the finishing touches include a three-story security fence, in anticipation of the president's visit. swirling about heth questions swirling about missed signs, that the alleged gunman was a danger, and might possibly be possibly be in contact with extremists. , tremists. he will insist on answ president obama told abc news, se will insist on answers. >> we're going to complete this nvestigation. wh thawe are going to take whatever steps are necessary, to make sure that something like this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: since the shootings
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last thursday, security measures ave been tightened. army officials have closed the largely, aspublic. >> right now, we have elevated security measures, largely, as a means of reassurance to the e the tion. threat, as we continue to examine the threat, we will keep appropriate security medses in place. >> reporter: the commanding general at ft. hood, said about 600 soldiers, first responders and civilians, were directly affected by last week's massacre. to play the memorial service is expected to play a significant role in moving toward healing. some >> it brings out the high orale. knocks something like this, it just knocks everybody down. and somebody important like the president coming it's like, okay. i feel very good. >> to el good now. i feel very good. >> i think tomorrow is just to give a good good-bye and pay our fallen.s. >> reporter: and >> reporter: a good-bye that came far too soon for the fallen. he and the first lady a >> reporter: and the president plans to pay his respects by delivering a speech at today's service. >> sure it will be
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d and the first lady also plan to meet with soldiers who witnessed the massacre. eremy? nationwide, abc news >> sure it will be a very difficult day at diana alvear, there was with the tragedy impacting families nationwide, abc news will have live coverage of the service, including the president's speech, this afternoon. disputed g>> there was a tense exchange between north and south korea overnight. south korean officials say a north korean navy ship crossed a disputed border, triggering ire. confli the north korean ship was reportedly damaged before former president clint pyongyang may be using the conflict to draw attention, as president obama visits later this week. but efforts have cl> former president clinton heads to capitol hill today to rally democrats around the .ealth care reform bill. the house passed the measure day ofhe weekend. but efforts have stalled in the 0 nate. years since the ng dton is expected to speak behind closed doors to ht foratic senators. a spectacular finale to a day of ceremonies, marking 20 years since the berlin wall came
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crashing down. thousands gathered in berlin last night for a re-enactment of the fall of the wall. dominos were along the stretch where the wall once stood. the night ended with fireworks over the brandenburg gate. now, for a look at this morning's weather from around the nation. and ida moves into the carolinas by the end of the day. but the rest of the east coast and most of the country is dry and warmer than usual. one expectation, the pacific northwest, with off and on showers and six inches of mountain snow in washington and portland. >> 63 in salt lake city. sacramento gets up to 66. td phoenix will hit 90. indianapolis, detroit and kansas city, hover around 60. highs in the 60s, from boston to burglar. coming and a stormy day, 59 in atlanta. and 86 in miami. coming up on "america this morning," the latest on the nationwide stroller recall. we'll check the's biggest gains in more than a year. commuters trye? we'll check the latest numbers. and commuters try to stop a speeding train, after someone falls on to the tracks. is ready to see you!
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stoc stocks are higher overseas this morning after wall street surged to its highest level of the year. tokyo's nikkei average climbed 0.6% today. hong kong's hang seng is higher. in london, the ftse opened higher. the dow starts the day at its highest in 13 months. the benchmark jumped 203 points yesterday, closing at nearly 10,227. the nasdaq gained 41 points to close at 2154.
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investors are more confident interest rates will remain low for an extended period of time. the second reason was a drop in the value of a dollar, which set prices for gold, and other commodities higher. that pushed energy and material stocks higher. with the government about to crack down on credit card companies, the companies are preparing to crack down on customers. a service by the federal reserve finds almost half of banks are expected to increase rates, reduce credit limits and raise annual fees. about half of banks will raise the minimum requirements to get a credit card. a new law to protect consumers takes effect last year. parents have flooded the website for strollermaker maclaren. the company is recalling 1 million strollers sold since 1999. a dozen children had their fingers cut off because of the hinge. the company warns parents to
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stop using the stroerls until they receive a free repair kit. airlines are offering more flight these days. 86% of flights arrived on time. that is an improvement compared to august and september of last year. low-cost leader, southwest, had one of the best records, along with hawaiian and alaskan airlines. coughing into your cell phone called save you a trip to your doctor's office. scientists are working on software that can diagnose cold, flu, pneumonia or other kind of diseases by coughs. >> saves a trip to the doctor's office. >> if it's a wet cough, means one thing. a dry cough, means another. coming up on this tuesday morning, one-on-one with the president. talking health care. and how wounded soldiers weighs on his decision to send more troops overseas. a shocking subway video, as a passenger files right on to the tracks.
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a live look at pensacola, florida, as a much-weakened ida comes ashore on the florida/alabama coast. more than four inches of rain has already fallen in pensacola. now, a look at your morning road conditions. ida drenches highways in the southeast. expect flooding along i-95 and i-20. and look for wet and snow-covered roads in oregon and washington. >> if you're flying today, expect airport delays in seattle. also charlotte, atlanta and orlando. president obama sat down for an exclusive interview with abc's jake tapper. president obama confirmed he will connell sign a health care bill that is deficit-neutral, even if it means cutting medicare. and the president reflected on
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how witnessing the return of fallen troops and his visits with servicemen and women, have influenced his decisionmaking. >> it absolutely has an impact because it reminds me of the costs involved. and it reminds me that -- these aren't abstractions. ultimately, when i make a decision, it will be based on the overarching view of u.s. national security. but i think i would be making poorer decisions if i didn't have to look into the eyes of a family member who had lost a loved one and tell them how grateful we are as a nation. that moment, i think, ensures that i'm making the best possible decisions going forward. >> the president said his visits with the wounded and the families of the fallen held him make sure he has tested all the assumes before sending more men and women into harm's way.
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jake will bring us more of his sitdown with the president later on "good morning america." israel's prime minister met with president obama last night, without the fanfare usually given the head of state. benjamin netanyahu spoke at a conference, then arrived at the white house after dark. there's no sign that the meetings revived talks between the israelis and palestinians. iran has accused three hikers of espionage. the sentences came exactly 100 days after their arrests for crossing the border illegally. secretary of state clinton says there's no evidence to support the charges. and she is demanding the release. the cbs news news producer accused of trying to blackmail david letterman is due in court today. he will ask the diskiss against his client. meterman publicly admitted to having sex with several female staffers, after halderman allegedly commanded $2 million
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from the light night host to keep the affairs quiet. here's j.w. stewart at espn news. >> thank you. and good morning. we start with "monday night football." the steelers, since a slow start, have won four in a row. bronco, after an 6-0 start, coming off their first loss of the year. they met in denver on monday night. ben roethlisberger to hines ward. steelers up 14-10. fourth quarter, kyle orton. mistake-free all season. not this game. he was picked off three times. troy polamalu gets him here. big ben, 233 yards, 3 touchdowns. off the polamalu pick. the steelers turn it into points. big ben buying time. gets rookie mike wallace. steelers have won five in a row, while the broncos have dropped two-straight. college basketball season getting underway on monday night. jim boeheim looking for his
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800th career win, taking on albany. he had 14 for the orange. later in the first half, in transition, chris joseph gets the outlet. look out below. he had 12. and syracuse now with 27% shooting. wesley johnson, 12 points and 6 steals. and jim boeheim gets career win number 800. isiah thomas making his debut with florida international. taking on north carolina. they unveil their championship banner from last season. dion thompson, the steal. to ed davis back to thompson, who has 20 points and 10 boards. north carolina wins it 88-72. that will do it from here. now, back to you in new york. you have to see this close call, captured on surveillance tape in boston. >> it started with a young woman. police say she was drunk. who got dangerously close to the
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subway tracks. the woman walks near the subway tunnel to light a cigarette. when the train arrives, she steps on the cigarette. she appears to stumble, steps on the tracks. her foot touched the third rail. but she was not harmed. the train was just 23 seconds away. >> it was so close that, you know, i thought it was bad. >> reporter: train operator, charisse lewis, didn't see the woman. but she saw the people waving on the platform. >> they were really, really close to the yellow line, which they're not supposed to be. that's telling me, slow the train down. >> reporter: at the last moment, she knew she had to stop. >> as i'm approaching, the lady pops her head up. i'm thinking, oh, my god. i threw it in emergency. exactly what i'm supposed to do. it stopped in time. she got close to the train. it was like on top of her. and after the fact, she comes up with a big smile on her face. i'm like, oh, my god. really scared me. and a lot of other things i said.
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>> reporter: that's when several people helped pull the woman away. >> that is one lucky woman. they still don't know who she is this morning, either. in england, we have a message from a baby boy even before he took his first breath. >> this sonogram is making its rounds on the web this morning. with owen scefington. in some points of the world, this is a rude gesture. >> the doctor asked if he could post it for all of his patients to see. a look ahead at the stories we'll be following today, including the drenching rains from ida, soaking the u.s. and edge cushion today, in the case of a washington, d.c. sniper. if you have overactive bladder and you worry your pipes might leak (pipe doctor) ask your doctor about treating with vesicare. (pipe woman) then you could treat yourself to a night out with fewer urges or a day with ewer leaks,
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ida is coming ashore on the gulf coast, as a week tropical storm. several inches of rain have already fallen with more expected. the president and first lady travel to ft. hood, texas, for a memorial service today. they will meet privately with the wounded and the families of the dead. john allen mohammed is set to be executed tonight. he took ten lives in 2002. the supreme court passed on a chance to stay the execution. former president clinton will bring his powers of persuasion to capitol hill today, on behalf of health care reform. he meets behind closed doors with democrats in the senate, where the bill has stalled. wall street looks to extend its rally to a fifth-straight day, after reaching its highest level of the year. the dow surged 200 points on optimism that interest rates will remain low. and michael jackson's father will take his fight over the singer's will to court today. joe jackson was left off the singer's last wishes.
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i remember thinking, when we would get out to go to gas station, is this my day? is this it? >> this is the day john allen muhammad dies, sentenced to death for the 2002 sniper attack. >> the president will be at fort hood this afternoon for a memorial for those killed on the base. and we'll have the latest on the investigation. the mayor walked into court at 9:00 a.m. yesterday. they've been trying to pick a jury ever since.
4:59 am
we're live at the courthouse for day two. it's tuesday morning. good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. let's go to meteorologist justin berk. good morning to you. >> good morning. the major headline is the tropical storm across the gulf coast states. we're watching tropical storm ida. winds have now weakened to 50 miles per hour making its way onshore. it will be a slow-mover. we'll continue to watch this because it's pushing pretty heavy waves and apparently we had some video to show you of the tropical storm, it slowed down yesterday after peaking out at 105 mile-per-hour winds. >> rode out katrina in mobile. i was visiting and this ain't nothing. >> yeah, nothing now after 105 mile-per-hour winds yesterday. waves still expected to be pretty brisk. there should be stronger waves off ocean city in response to the storm than what they are getting on shore now. winds downgraded to 50 miles per hour from the peak of 105 sunday night. as we watched the gulf coast
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